Graduate Degree Programs

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Degree Programs

The Computer Engineering Program has several different options for advanced degrees:

  • A combined Five-year B.S./M.S. with the B.S. in Computer Engineering and the M.S. in either Computer Science or Electrical and Computer Engineering. This degree is only available to currently enrolled undergrad CS and ECE students. More information about B.S./M.S. degree can be found on the ECE and CS websites.
  • The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department offers Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees in the area of Computer Engineering. Study is focused in the following major areas Computer Architecture; Computer Networks and Distributed Systems; and Very Large Scale Integration. Minor areas are offered in: Computational Models Algorithms, and Analysis; Graphics and Image Processing; Software Systems; Scientific Computation; and Machine Intelligence.
  • The Computer Science department presently does not specifically offer an emphasis in the CE area but does have a Computer Systems coursework track which includes Advanced Computer Architecture and Modern Programming Languages and their Implementation. CS also offers advanced topics in the following areas: Operating Systems, Distributed Systems, Networking and Computer Security. In addition many CS faculty are CE faculty members or have strong affiliations with the Computer Engineering Program.

See Research Overview and Areas of Research for additional helpful information about areas of study in Computer Engineering.

Course Offerings

The Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering departments have a wide-variety of course offerings that include interdisciplinary coursework. Each department has listings and information about their courses on their websites:

Plus the UCSB General Catalog

Graduate Program Guides

The Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering departments have publications that have specific information about graduate degrees in their programs:

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M.S. and / or Ph.D. Programs

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