2017 Capstone Projects

Computer Engineering Senior Capstone Project Presentation Day

Students participate in a poster session and conduct presentations of their final group projects from the CS 189A/B & ECE 189A/B.

2016-2017 Projects

Computer Science 189A/B

Instructors: Chandra Krintz (CMPSC 189A) and Tim Sherwood (CMPSC 189B)
Teaching Assistant: Ankita Singh (A/B)

CS 189 Overview / Teams & Projects webpage

  • Aviato: We are aiming to automate and expedite the process of in-person recruiting to solve frustrations and inefficiency in the current recruiting process with a mobile application and cloud platform
    Team: Andy Chen (lead), Rey Tang (scribe), John Lau, Tim Liew, Matthew Cheung  
  • CARE: Building an Augmented Reality overlay for an existing assistive health care robot that provides contextual options for doctors to interact with their environment
    Team: Marco Pinter, Ole Eichhorn, Jennifer Chloe, Andy Young
  • Citrix are for Kids: Remote collaboration software to make it easier for groups to study together
    Team: Peter Werner (lead), Shadee Barzin (scribe), O'shea Anaya, Andrew Ferguson, Brendan Murphy   
  • Constructing Intelligence: A machine learning project which focuses on predictive analytics within Procore for the construction industry.
    Team: Vivek Patel (lead), Nicole Moghaddas (scribe), Lauren Dumapias, Deanna Pham, Charlie Getzen  
  • Microsophons: Collaborative IDE in a browser
    Team: Nadav Caspi, Saili Raje, Yulia Dubinina, Andre Sayre
  • NOVATooth: The project is to build a Man-In-The-Middle Bluetooth attacking device, that is capable of transcribing audio-to-text, and is powered with a Raspberry Pi
    Team: Kevin Chan (lead), Trevor Morris (scribe), Robert Stosick, Henry Yu, Albert Chen
  • Smart RG: We will be creating a mobile app that analyzes home network traffic and connectivity, wifi hotspots, and other network features
    Team: Brandon Wicka (lead), Jill Farnsworth (scribe), Vince Gandolfo, Matthew Gordon, Zuochen Xie  
  • Team Savage: Dispatcher enables consumers to receive any item from local businesses, saving them time and providing additional convenience
    Team: Alok Gupta (lead), Jordan Nguyen (scribe), Brian Yan, Sal Olivares, Spencer Prescott
  • Tres Commas: Voice Biometrics Integration
    Team: Jonathan Easterman (lead), Shasha Shams (scribe), Arda Ungun, Carson Holoien, Vince Nicoara
  • Your Fire Nation: AeroCube Position Detection Embedded System
    Team: Eric Swenson (lead), Andrew Tran (scribe), Alex Thielk, Angel Ortega, Gustavo Cornejo

Electrical and Computer Engineering 189A/B

Instructor: John Johnson (ECE 189A/B)
Teaching Assistant: Celeste Bean (A/B), Will Miller (A) and Caoi Motta (B)

ECE 189 Teams / Projects webpage

  • * FLIR Security Camera: a small solar powered security camera that
    will be based around a thermal camera
    Team: Ben May, Carlos Beltran, Salim Benhaddou, Garrison Carter, Aaron
  • Gestur: a virtual reality device that can not only accurately monitor
    your hand movements & emulate sensations of touch
    Team: Ryan Kaveh, Kyle Carson, Jon Young
  • * Hyperloop 2: a communications, telemetry, and control unit for
    UCSB’s entry into SpaceX’s Hyperloop Pod Competition
    Team: Yang Ren, Tristan Seroff, Asitha Kaduwela, Jesus Diera
  • IR Hub: a device to solve the problem of having to clutter your living
    room with one or more infrared remotes through the use of a Bluetooth
    controlled, IR Hub.
    Team: Nathan Bradley, Jesus Castro, Jeremiah Prousalis
  • OstraCam 2: a mobile underwater monitoring system to facilitate the
    study of bioluminescent plankton
    Team: Paul Killam, Christina Lim, Oliver Thio
  • * Sonos Intercom: a hardware module that contains a microcontroller,
    WiFi module, and microphones with basic DSP for voice input.
    Team: Brian Sandler, Brenden Fujishige, Marcellis Carr-Barfield, Seyed
    Mohammad Ghazitabrizi, Richard Wei, Subhodeep Choudhury

* Team includes Mechanical Engineering and Electrical & Computer Engineering students

CS 189 Capstone 2017 Presentations @ summit.cs

March 6 (Mon), 2017 – Corwin Pavilion

ECE 189 Capstone 2017 Project Presentation Day (event page coming soon!)

June 8 (Thu), 2017 – Engineering Sci. Bldg (ESB), Ctyd & 1001

2017 CS 189A/B — Team Partners

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