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Program Overview

About the Program, Degree Program, Commitment to Students, Course Spotlights, Curriculum Highlights (timeline, sr. sequence courses, sr. projects), Why UCSB?, Why Computer Engineering?, and Our Mission

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Degree Requirements (major and general education), 4 Year Course Plan, Senior Sequence Courses, Curriculum Related Info (publications, guides, advising contacts, course listings), Forms, and Helpful Links

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Student Advising

Types of Advisors (College of Engineering, CE undergraduate advisor, faculty); Email a Question to a: CE Student, Undergraduate Advisor, Faculty, Program Director; and Advisor Contact Information

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Academic Timeline

The CE Program's year-by-year timeline for the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years that includes coursework, what students will learn and experience, and curriculum reminders and "to-dos"

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Senior Projects

Capstone Overview, Courses (CMPSC and ECE 189A/B); Past Projects (awards and posters); 2016 through 2010 Capstone Projects (videos, projects, sponsors, albums) and Past Capstone Event pages

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Prospective and Current Student Resources

Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective and Current students, Quick Fact Boxes (statistics, CoE and UCSB resources, careers, contacts, Why CE? and Why UCSB?)

Student Spotlight - Yang Ren

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  • Hometown: Albany, CA
  • Favorite Course: Operating Systems (CMPSC 170)
  • Senior Project: Hyperloop project (Sensors and Controls leader) – a multi-disciplinary project to create a pod for SpaceX’s Hyperloop competition

Why CE?
: I didn’t know too much about what Computer Engineering was when I was first applying to college. At the time, I had taken a few computer science classes in high school, so I knew that programming was something that I enjoyed, but I didn’t know much else. In the end, I chose CE as my major because I wanted to explore the computer hardware and circuit design side of computers that I didn’t know anything about, to find out if it would be something that I might be interested in.

Why UCSB?: I heard a lot of good things about UCSB’s engineering program and the research that was being done here. After looking around online and visiting the campus, I decided that UCSB was the right place for me.

(More about Yang and other undergraduate experiences...)

Course Spotlight - Puzzling Problems in... (ECE 1B)

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ECE Prof. Behrooz Parhami’s “Puzzling Problems in Science and Technology (ECE 1B)” seminar course featured in The UCSB Current article "Cool Classes"

The Freshman seminar course grew out of a computer engineering required course that illuminates the work of engineers. The course uses familiar mathematical and logical puzzles to describe engineering problems and solution methods to freshmen, who may not yet have the background to understand them.

Taught by Behrooz Parhami, a professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the seminar focuses on the puzzle-like aspects of engineering challenges and their corresponding real-life applications.

The UCSB Current – "Cool Classes (full article)